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Adrien, 30 years, VSI, 2 years in Oasis 

"It's been almost a year since I came to Colombia with my 3 children and my wife Camille, who works as a volunteer in a center for children with disabilities in the south of Bogotá.

In Oasis, I am responsible for the finances and coordinator of the Environment project. I am very happy with my mission: I live an experience of friendship and multicultural reciprocity. What I like about Oasis is the local component. Finding myself like this; working in a neighborhood where I would have never set foot in if they (Fidesco) hadn't sent me here: I think it's a small detour into a quite incredible life.

When we start a mission, we often say that we carry out a voluntary mission to change the world, with many ideals; but when we return we realize that it is really our world that has changed. And I think that during this mission I feel this phrase completely, because an experience in Oasis is a complete break with our previous life: it is a geographical break, a break away from our family, as well as in the lifestyle and way of working. But it’s also a break of personal and emotional involvement, in short: it’s a big change compared to what I did before I came to Oasis. Now I have a totally different view of the world. Earlier I thought of some things as impossible to change. Now I tell myself that - in the end - nothing is impossible to change."

Zoé, 24 years, volunteer, 4 months in Oasis

"I was part of the educational team during my mission in Oasis. The children come in every afternoon, to avoid being left in the street after school. We organized various activities and outside games. I was also working on our library project with another volunteer. My third project was at Colegio Emilio Valenzuela, a high stratum university in Bogotá, where I mainly supported the French class for students, bus drivers and school instructors. 

Before starting my mission, I wanted to discover something else, leave my comfort zone and work in a solidarity project abroad. I was very happy in Oasis. What I liked most is the welcome atmosphere of the house, the feeling of being at home and the possibility of being able to create and start your own projects. It is great to see the joy of these children. It is the  intercultural work, the friendships I have created and, above all, the good atmosphere, that creates Oasis."

Lina, 24 years, territorial manager project Education in Oasis

“I arrived for the first time in Oasis for a system practice with the objective of creating an alliance between Oasis and Colegio Emilio Valenzuela. Right now I have been working as territorial manager of the Education part for 7 years.

How to describe this place? Oasis is like the discovery of water in the middle of a desert. A richness that people find, and a place where they can empower and discover their own person. Oasis is a center that faces reality, a place of enrichment and reciprocity. A place that gives you autonomy and the freedom to do your personal and spiritual projects. "

Lorène, 21 years, French Civic Service, 10 months in Oasis

“I arrived at the beginning of September for a 10-month mission in Oasis with the French civic service.

I wanted to pause my studies and take the opportunity to participate in a volunteer mission. In Oasis I worked in the Education team. Every day, we welcomed about 40 children and organized activities.

What I like about Oasis is the friendliness, the open house, with the mix of culture and the variety of projects. This mission taught me how to adapt and alternate between French and Colombian pedagogy."


Nashly, 13 years, beneficiary in Oasis

"I have been in Oasis for 5 years. I used to come to play in the playroom. Now that I am older, I try to help with the children.

For me, what makes Oasis so special is the community, the way that people are treated here, but above all, sharing with everyone. "


Elodie, beneficiary, every week in Oasis

"I arrived at the end of August 2015 in Bogotá. I have 3 children that study in the French secondary school. I am an employment counselor.

I discovered Oasis through a volunteer friend, who asked me if I could help one of his students because he was working in professional integration.

Then I got involved in the Altercordia project. The idea is to teach French, circus, theater, and show links with France. I have also organized a journalism course and we have made a video that you can see through this link: 

I am present one morning a week.

What I like about Oasis is that everyone is welcome here; there is a great variety of people and generations. The young people we care for often have a difficult family life. However, when they return to Oasis they find themselves in a beneficial bubble; it is a place of expression for them where they feel good. Everyone comes as they are and brings what they have. There is a lot of respect. "

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