Who we are

Oasis is an international solidarity project that belongs to Fondacio and the Emilio Valenzuela College Foundation, with ties to public, private and territorial actors.

Oasis manages local development in a global perspective, allowing it to be a meeting place for various local and international volitions for the sustainable and relevant development of the territorial community.

Oasis believes in a development based on the execution of effective actions by people. It focuses its efforts on the inclusion to work in solidarity and mediates innovative technical solutions.

Our identity

Oasis has a double vocation: both for its own team, and for the territorial community, with a desire for sustainability.


It's is a place for personal development which benefits the team. Oasis allows personal and professional growth by favoring the development of everyone in self-knowledge and knowledge about the environment.


Oasis also tries to favor the autonomous development of people and the community within its projects.


One of Oasis' goals is to accompany beneficiaries, volunteers and allies in a dynamic that leads to solidarity and sustainable development.


Oasis articulates in a social context the pedagogy of Fondacio: to be for oneself, to be with others, to be for others with others, by friendship with and in the manner of the school of Jesus.

How do we do it?

The solidarity model by Fondacio consists in the synergy of the individual, community and technological dimensions energized by the transforming force of friendship. Therefore, Oasis builds alliances with institutions and associations that provide technical knowledge, human support and/or financing.


The complementarity between Oasis and the allies involved is exercised during different phases of the projects:

• At the beginning: it allows the population to access the service

• During: it favors the good performance of the actions

• After: it guarantees the sustainability of the benefit provided

Who do we do it with?

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