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Colombia is in a phase of very important changes in its peace process and in its socioeconomic development (+ 2.3% growth of the Gross Domestic Product in 2017 according to the IMF).


The conflicts caused Colombia to be the first country in the world with the largest number of displaced citizens: 7.2 million people. It also caused 30% of the population to live below the national poverty line and 8% to live in extreme poverty.

UPZ* 89 San Isidro-Patios

(*Zone Planning Unit)

Oasis is located in San Isidro UPZ, 3100 m high in the mountains northeast of Bogotá with an average annual temperature of 14.2 ° C.

This neighborhood was born in the 1960s with the arrival of the population victims of violence in rural areas. Today San Isidro has 18,500 inhabitants of stratum 1 and 2.

Although San Isidro has infrastructure (by public and private institutions) and a certain level of development (electricity, water, telephone & internet), it does not have a constant state presence.

According to the Territorial Planning Plan, UPZ 89 San Isidro-Patios is in the process of legalization. In fact, this neighborhood is located in the “forest reserve zone” or “high-risk zone” that cannot be mitigated by mass removal. Land tenure and use, and the sustainability of the city against unregulated urban growth are major problems in this territory. Current urban planning policies are incompatible with the traditional land use in San Isidro.


Furthermore, the San Isidro neighborhood was built in a protected nature reserve, where several streams are born. The very strong contamination of water by garbage shows the lack of a comprehensive waste management system. The few public spaces that exist (parks, recreation places) are also in poor condition due to the lack of investment by the district and due to insecurity.

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