UPZ 89 has great wealth with regards to its flora, fauna and water sources. We are surrounded by a high Andean forest ecosystem. The Environment project aims to appropriate the community to its environment through methodologies such as ecocuadras, the implementation of urban gardens, and the transformation and use of waste. As well as any action that promotes the care of the environment.

The projects


The ecocuadras use a methodology that consists of the good disposal, management and use of recyclable or reusable solid waste. We involve the community in order for them to make the methodology their own. So that they can continue this process also without our guidance. Families from different sectors of the neighborhood (1+ blocks), who have recieved training about the methdology, work together with a team of recyclers from the area. This maximizes the success of the application of the methodology. Through which the neighborhood can achieve ecological change, by reducing waste and allowing the recyclers to create their own jobs. 

Urban orchards and Vertical gardens

Our orchards and gardens are part of our proposal for practical education and the exchange of experiences and learning from Ecological-environmental constructions. With the creation of urban gardens we continue with the purpose of transforming and taking advantage of the organic residues of our houses; making compost so that the plants look more vigorous. We have educational spaces in the neighborhood that allow us to transmit our knowledge of agriculture to people, so that they can replicate it in their homes. The manufacture of vertical gardens, seeks to transform the places in the house into living, natural spaces, with a possibility of food sustainability and landscaping.

With regards to the use of the spaces in the house we use vermicomposters that allow the transformation and good management of the organic waste that we produce.



Used cooking oil is one of the most difficult residues to handle. Its poor disposal causes great contamination to water sources; since a liter of oil contaminates a thousand liters of water.

Chapijabón promotes the transformation of burned cooking oil into ecological soaps with special characteristics such as: pot gloss, stain remover and cleaner. The soap can be used for crockery and pot washing and cleaning of clothes and floors.

We have a sustinable production process that favors the reduction of pollution in the tributaries of water in the territory such as the streams of La Sureña, Puente Piedra and Morací.

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Ecological products

One of the ways in which we take advantage of some products from our garden is by making cremes and oil made of the calendula plant. This plant can be used for the healing of small wounds and anti-inflammatory purposes. We also make glycerin-based soaps and deodorants with natural components.


Do you want to learn how to transform your waste? We can teach you how to do it!

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Claudia Veloza R. - Coordinator Environmental Project



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