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The projects


Leisure & Recreation

We propose several activities for children of the neighborhood.

Read about the activities here

Life projects

Vocational guidance, entrepreneurship and professional insertion workshops for young people from the public school in the area or for recent graduates. Oasis also proposes an information service and accompaniment.



The Oasis team has various alliances with people and external organizations.

Read about our shared projects here

Training & Coexistence

We propose several classes at Oasis for people of all ages.
Read about the classes here

Educational Cooperation

Activities of exchange of life, knowledge and experiences between the students of the district school and private schools and foreign schools in order to offer them the opportunity to meet people from different social backgrounds, from another culture and allow them to open up to the world, refine their curiosity in contact with difference and in order to grow humanly, to understand themselves better and develop their desire to become citizens of the world.


An Oasis of sports

The Oasis house offers aerobics for adults (60+) in the neighborhood on Mondays and Fridays, and aerobics for adults on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Every end of the year the two classes present a show.

Go here for the schedule of our activities

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