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How you can join us

Foreign Volunteers

Until 2017, 59 international volunteers have participated in the different Oasis projects in missions from 1 month to 2 years. For more information on possibilities for doing a mission in Oasis, contact Sandra Ardila, co-founder of Oasis and responsible for the volunteers.

Local Volunteers

Oasis receives support of local benevolent people for some hours or some days of the week.

Colombians or foreigners, students or professionals, who have time to donate, for example by teaching systems, English, French or doing something else, are more than welcome to contribute what they know!


Oasis is supported by donations both material (games, computers, furniture) and financial.
If you want to support us in one way or another, contact us or stop by and visit our center in San Isidro.


Oasis is able to exist because of the help of our allies. Are you an association, company or foundation and that wants to participate in the social development of the San Isidro neighborhood? Click on the Contact Us button!

Discover the volunteer experience!

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