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History of Oasis

Oasis began its actions in the territory of San Isidro (Bogotá, Colombia) in 2011, as an initiative of Fondacio Colombia and the Fundación Colegio Emilio Valenzuela, with the leadership of Sandra Ardila and Gustavo López, co-founders and directors of the institution, who started this work offering an opportunity to young people at social risk.

In its beginnings, Oasis offered adolescents and young people an alternative occupation during their free time with days of sports and artistic activities. Today, Oasis has expanded its actions and serves other populations in the territory such as children, adults, allied institutions in the sector and the district school in the area, supporting educational and environmental issues.

Oasis by numbers

Project bearers

Fondacio is an international movement, represented in about twenty countries. Sensitive to the challenges of the world and eager to radiate the spirit of the Gospel, 3000 people regularly participate in the movements’ proposed activities and many are sent on mission to encourage projects in the service of different audiences: young people, couples and families, elderly, poor and discriminated people.

Every year, more than 100,000 people are benefited by Fondacio's proposals: training sessions, teaching programs, listening and sharing meetings, times of spiritual deepening open to all, and solidarity actions.

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