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Year 2020


Urban tales

This project was born in 2020. The objective: To publish a storybook based on the work of different foundations in Bogotá. Children will take advantage of professional skills through photography, urban planning, writing and illustration workshops.


Casacústica Foundation

Casacústica's mission is to make it sound better. It promotes processes of strengthening capacities and skills related to human, territorial and community organization development, through the arts, environmental work and support for entrepreneurship.

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Rotaract youth proposes the children of Oasis  playful activities and celebrations such as Children's Day and Halloween on Saturdays from 8:30 to 11:00 am.


Colegio Campestre Monte Verde

Oasis offers vocational guidance, entrepreneurship and professional insertion workshops for young people from the public school in the area or for recent graduates. Oasis also proposes an information service, support and offers learning contracts for students after high school


City Hall

Every year the Bogotá City Hall joins the Oasis activities to propose different types of awareness workshops, monitoring and accompaniment for the children of the ludoteca.



Transborder is a transport company. This year we will start a new project with the 9th grade students of the Monte Verde Campestre District School, people from the territory and Transborder volunteers to learn entrepreneurship tools.


Social Service

Young people in grades 10 and 11 must complete 80 hours of social service in order to finish their high school. Oasis welcomes several schools from all over Bogotá such as: Emilio Valenzuela College Foundation, French Lyceum, Campestre Monte Verde College and Departamental de la Calera, so that young people can discover a different way of helping, to know and get involved with the territory and to develop as a person.

The past years



This project included all projects with an educational pedagogy towards peace. The idea was to involve all the people of the neighborhood of all ages to transmit a consciousness of peace through artistic workshops, crafts, entrepreneurship and reflection.


Social Rugby 

Students from the French Lyceum and the Monte Verde Campestre District School, with the alliance of the Monterrosales school and a professional rugby team belonging to a club, made it possible to carry out this project.



Altercordia was a project that created great alliances such as: the French lyceum, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Alianza Francesa, the French community, the Campestre Monte Verde district school and finally the Jastre school in Ardeche (France). The goal was to learn French through artistic activities, journalism and expression. Allowing young people to meet, remove the barrier from the social strata and have a broader world view.



A class of the Monte Verde District Campestre school and the French Lyceum came together when there were ´´moon

events´´.  The objective was to make two groups share the exceptional events and to learn more about astronomy.

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