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Oasis is a community center with an open door policy. It was founded in 2011 and since then has supported the inhabitants of the San Isidro neighborhood, a territory 3.100 meters high in the mountains of the northeast of the city of Bogotá. Over the years we have created different social actions where the population can access, and also get involved in, educational, environmental and housing projects.

Oasis is a solidarity project co-created by Fondacio Colombia and the Fundación Colegio Emilio Valenzuela (FCEV). Over the years, the Oasis team has built a network of national and international allies in their social action with the ultimate goal of allowing sustainable development of the projects.


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+57 1 632 0380


Carrera 5C Este # 100B - 04 (km 5 via hacia La Calera),

Barrio Sureña, UPZ 89 San Isidro, Localidad 2 (Chapinero)

Bogotá, Colombia

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